customized ear plugs


The best way to prevent a hearing loss is to protect the hearing you have.

Customized hearing protection can help in the process by providing a comfortable insert that is molded to your ear. Although the ear is blocked, sound will still come through in a natural way. The amount of sound blockage or attenuation needed is assessed by the audiologist. Individuals who are exposed to occupational or recreational noise should consider the use of custom hearing protection to prevent hearing loss.

Sleep plugs can be an important part of a restful night’s sleep. The plug is comfortable and molded specifically to the patient’s ear. Sleep plugs help muffle loud sounds while still continuing to provide some audibility.

Children who are prone to infection, people with narrow ear canals, or individuals with sensitive canals could benefit from custom swim plugs. Customized swim plugs can help prevent water from getting trapped in the ear, leading to dermatitis or painful ear infections. The material consists of a medical grade silicone that will float.

If you interested in a custom plug, feel free to call or email The Hearing Room. We have three hearing clinics located in Oshawa and one hearing clinic located in Stouffville to help serve you better. We hope to hear from you soon!