Treatment for hearing loss depends on the type and cause.

Cerumen Management

Cerumen (ear wax) blockage causing temporary hearing loss can be treated by an audiologist, GP, or ear nose and throat (ENT) physician. Different methods are available to remove the blockage. The method used will depend on the texture and type of cerumen present.


In certain cases, surgical interventions are required to treat hearing loss. For example, a patient with recurring ear infections may require a minor surgery, where tubes are inserted to help the ear drain. In some cases for profound hearing losses, cochlear implant surgery could be an option.

Hearing Aids
IMPORTANT!  Hearing aids are the only form of treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with Sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss, which indicates damage to the inner ear structures, is permanent and cannot be treated or reversed with medication or surgery. While hearing aids cannot reverse hearing loss, there is research to suggest that they can prevent further sensory deprivation.