impact of untreated hearing loss


Untreated hearing loss can have a significant effect on a person’s social and psychological function. Untreated hearing loss has been linked with:

  • Diminished memory, confusion, and difficulties learning new tasks.
  • Withdrawing from social situations.
  • Depression, anxiety, anger, and embarassment.
  • Increased risk of dementia.
  • Isolation and low self-esteem resulting from communication problems.
  • Stress, headaches, and increased blood pressure.
  • High levels of fatigue and frustration resulting from increased listening effort.
  • Huge risk to personal safety due to reduced alertness.

A study completed in 2012 showed that age-related hearing loss resulted in reduced social and emotional interactions. Participants reported increased loneliness, frustration with their family life, and noted a decrease in how often they were participating in social activities. They also reported lower self-esteem, and poorer perceived social skills.

Additional studies out of John Hopkins University have also linked hearing loss to accelerated cognitive decline and dementia (Ref. 4). The hearing loss was age related and untreated with hearing aids. Corresponding research has shown hearing aids alleviated the accelerated decline (Ref. 7).

More importantly, untreated hearing loss can leave you unable to enjoy life’s precious moments! Listening to your favorite song, hearing the birds chirp, or chatting with your friends and family are all compromised when your hearing has diminished!

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