Discreet and German Engineered Hearing Aids

Clunky hearing aids are truly a thing of the past. If you’re experiencing hearing loss and are interested in a discreet solution, we have something you might want to try! The Signia Silk X is a powerful, yet discreet instant-fit hearing experience.  This new German-Engineered technology is available at The Hearing Room. This is an ideal hearing solution for our patients who value discretion, and superior sound quality. These are the only ready-to-wear completely-in-the-canal style hearing aids! They are fit with an extremely comfortable, and adaptable soft silicone tip which ensures a high level of comfort and retention in the patient’s ear.  There are several different silicone tips to choose from, ensuring that almost all ear canals and degrees of hearing losses can be successfully fit.

What all modern hearing aids have in common is how small they are, while still allowing the patient to hear what matters to them. This means that even the smallest, most discreet hearing aid available now can provide highly directional precision to boost conversation in difficult listening situations (e.g. restaurants or any listening environment with high levels of background nose). Furthermore, these small, discreet hearing aids can also reduce unwanted background noise, despite their tiny size. All of this powerful technology has been carefully crafted to create a hearing aid that is as small as a pistachio nut!

Many of our hearing aid patients have reported an improvement to their quality of life with well-fit hearing aids. Hearing aids can strengthen relationships with family and loved ones, improve quality of life during social events, and assist with potentially deteriorating cognitive function and memory loss that research has associated with untreated hearing loss. Whether choosing an in-the-ear model, or a small, rechargeable behind-the-ear model, hearing aids available now are discreet, comfortable, and most of all, provide exceptional clarity to conversation.


Call The Hearing Room today to learn about these German-engineered, discreet hearing aids! We are more than happy to discuss a demo.