November 22, 2017


We are seeking 15 participants with a hearing loss! Selection process ends Dec 1, 2017.

You might feel that people have been mumbling more lately, the tv is at a high volume, or maybe you are struggling more in background noise? If this sounds like you, you are not alone; and I hate to break it to you, but you might have a hearing loss.

If you have ever considered hearing aids, this might be the time to try them out. The Hearing Room is seeking 15 participants with hearing difficulties to participate in a hearing aid field trial. A leading hearing aid manufacturer will be releasing new technology that will break barriers in hearing aid acceptance and listening quality. Participants will be invited to test new technology in a busy restaurant setting. This location was chosen because individuals with hearing loss often struggle to hear speech in the presence of background noise. Eligible participants can purchase the hearing aids following the trial at a discounted rate. The lunch will be held on December 6th at Shrimp Cocktails where own voice ratings, and overall improvement in hearing quality will be studied.

As keen and curious audiologists, the promise of a hearing aid that can increase patient satisfaction and still maintain audibility in difficult listening environments, like restaurants, intrigued us.

If you think you have a hearing loss and could benefit from a hearing aid, or if you are an existing hearing aid user who is due for a new pair of hearing aids, we encourage you to contact us and determine eligibility for participation. If you love how the hearing aids work (we are confident you will!), the hearing aids are available for purchase after the trial. Please contact The Hearing Room for more details.