Keeping Your Ears Active

There has been a trend in “at home” workouts as people continue to stay safe during the pandemic. At The Hearing Room, we have compiled a list of things you can do to help keep your ears (and brain) active as well! Whether your home is usually quiet or bustling with children chasing each other, here are some things you can do to perk up everyone’s ears. If you are a hearing aid user, these activities will be especially important and will keep your brain and ears active and stimulated. 


Try a new radio station each day!

We can definitely get into habits and forget there are options outside of our daily routines! Genre specific stations can add a nice change to a daily routine; some of our favorite stations include:

94.1 – CBC Radio 2 

107.7 – CKDO Durham’s Classic Hits

95.9 – KX96 New Country

91.1 – Jazz FM

96.3 – The New Classical FM

Put on your hearing aids, and start listening 🙂


Go through old music collections!

Maybe you will rediscover an old favourite in a dusty pile of records, CDs or cassettes! You could make a journal entry reflecting on what memories the songs bring back and where you were when you first heard them. Some hearing aid users may even have music programs, tailored to ensure music sounds natural. 


Create a music exchange with friends or family!

Think of a recipe exchange but with music! You can do a simple trade with your best friend over the phone or an email exchange amongst a bigger group. You just pass-along your beloved recommendations and receive some new ideas in return. With computers and the internet, it can be simpler than you think to find and listen to music, whether it be the newest platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or good old Youtube. 

With advancements in hearing aid technology, it is possible to stream music directly to your hearing aids! Many hearing aid users are familiar with this or can consult their audiologist if they are having trouble.


Name That Tune!

Games can spice up a quiet evening at home, and this is one of our favourites – play with someone at home, over the phone or in a video chat. Play a short clip of a song and see if your partner can guess the name of it! You can make it as friendly or competitive as you like. 

To really get things going, start with a list of ten songs and tally up your points after. You can each take a turn being the “clue-giver” (the person playing the songs).



Here’s another game you can play over the phone, in a video chat or with people in your home. I-Hear is like I-Spy, but with sounds. Take turns making a sound with an object around you while the other person has their eyes closed! You can guess until you figure it out, or ask for clues!


Audiobooks and Podcasts!

Both are great budget friendly options to keep your ears and brain working to digest a story. You can listen while you walk, cook or relax on the couch. offers a free 30 day trial for audiobooks and podcasts can be found on spotify, in Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts for Android, all at no cost!

Try streaming these into your hearing aids for the best listening experience.

We hope these activities can help add a little fun to your day, and motivate you to keep wearing your hearing aids while at home. Feel free to check out our previous blog post about the benefits of wearing your hearing aids, even if you are staying home. Please call the clinic closest to you if you have any questions about the information you just read. Happy Listening Everyone!
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