Hearing Loss and Your Income

Hearing loss has a significant effect on a person’s cognitive, social, and emotional well-being. Untreated hearing loss can lead to many comorbidities, including depression, dementia, cognitive decline, and falls.

Did you know that untreated hearing loss can have impact on your income?

Research conducted by the Better Hearing Institute, examining the impact of untreated hearing loss on an individual’s household income revealed some interesting findings.


 Did you know people with untreated hearing loss can lose up to $30,000 a year annually in income?

This is an astounding amount when considering this annually, over one’s employment career. The research also found that individuals with hearing loss who pursued hearing aids as a treatment option reduced their income loss by 65 to 100%. The percentage depended on the severity and degree of hearing loss.  Furthermore, The Better Hearing Institute found that those with untreated hearing loss who had decided not to pursue hearing aids had double the unemployment rate compared to those individuals who wore hearing aids.

In order to effectively communicate at work, hearing is critical! Hearing is important to properly engage with customers, employers, the public, and to ensure overall safety while working. Individuals with untreated hearing loss are more at risk for making errors while at their place of employment, and have difficulties communicating, resulting in losses in compensation due to underemployment.   We also know that untreated hearing loss can lead to depression, anxiety, social isolation, and difficulties with emotional health, all of which impact job performance in a negative manner.


Treat your Hearing Loss and Improve Your Performance at Work!

As audiologists and hearing health care professionals, we are cognizant of the fact that people with hearing loss often delay treatment while working for fear of being stigmatized by their co-workers and employers. While it seems worthwhile to keep a hearing loss “hidden” from your employers, the negative results are never hidden and the results can be quite tragic over someone’s life time when considering lost compensation/wages, lost employment opportunities, lost promotions, and an overall lower income upon retirement.

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