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An Important Message From The Hearing Room:

We are making changes to our clinical practice to ensure our patients stay safe. Please follow this link for our COVID-19 update

We are pleased to provide financing to our valued patients. Click on the PayBright button to begin your application. 


Testimonials: Audiologists are regulated health care professionals in Ontario which means strict guidelines must be followed when it comes to taking care of the public's hearing health. As regulated health care professionals, audiologists are prohibited from sharing patient testimonials. If you are looking for a hearing healthcare professional and note testimonials on their website, be advised they are not regulated. 


Improving our patients’ quality of life through better hearing is our goal, and we will take the time needed to ensure we achieve that goal. Patience, compassion and clinical expertise are at the forefront of our patient-centered approach to care. Patients can be assured they will receive the highest quality of hearing healthcare from the moment they enter The Hearing Room. This is our promise.  Read More.


Don't Wait

The longer you wait to obtain hearing aids, the harder it is for the brain to adapt.

Hearing Health is Important

Untreated hearing loss has negative effects on overall health and can lead to dementia, social isolation, depression, and more.

Did You Know?

Patients with mild, untreated age-related hearing loss are 2x more likely to develop cognitive decline or dementia?

Did You Know?

Compared to those with normal hearing, patients with hearing loss have a 24% increase risk of cognitive impairment.

Myth #1

The consequences of hiding hearing loss are better than wearing hearing aids. Click on the icon to read more.

Myth #2

Only people with serious hearing loss need hearing aids. Click on the icon to read more.

Meet Your Clinicians

Irene is Audiologist from Western University. Western is a leader in audiological research, and she had the opportunity to learn from professors whose research changed the face of the industry and how audiology is practiced. Irene is registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists, which means she is heavily regulated by her college to serve you better. She is registered with the Assistive Devices program, and is happy to help out patients associated with insurance programs like Greenshield, WSIB, ODSP, and Federal Health Programs.

Irene Nicholaou

Having had the opportunity to work in the industry as well as in a clinical setting with both geriatric and pediatric patients, Irene can say for certain helping patients hear better is her passion and her goal.

Lauren Schofield

Having grown up with a sibling with hearing loss, Lauren has a personal understanding of the positive  impact audiologists and properly fit hearing aids can have on a person and their family. Lauren enjoys working with both children and adults, and is excited to join The Hearing Room team.



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